It has dropped some for the chest, I have challenged the genåbningsplan for Denmark, the Social democrats have stuck out. “I think it is close to irresponsible in a time when we are seeing american citizens buried in mass graves,” let the Unity Pelle Dragsted me know on social media.

Let’s just stick to the argument. For what are the facts?

the Government closed resolutely down to Denmark, since the risk of covid-19 (finally) went up to the authorities. I have praised the prime minister for.

The Danish hospital sector has shown a anerkendelsesværdig adaptability to change, and we have at no time been just in the vicinity of the capacity limits. We must commend a dedicated health care professional for.

the Danes have – as the enlightened and responsible people, we like the most is – understood severity, changes in behaviour and demonstrated a pli, Emma Gad would nod appreciative for. We should praise each other too.

this is Why we come sweeping through the first stage of the coronakrigen, as I also have heard me even swing myself up to call the the health crisis. When we are at a point get other data than the daily covid-19-figures, they will probably show that during this period, we have had an under and not an excessive mortality. Fewer deaths, fewer accidents, fewer influenza-related deaths.

at the same time, the Danish model and the cooperating government by the people once again demonstrated their superiority by in lyntempo to tighten the economic safety net in the form of tripartite agreements and stimulus packages. All made possible by a rock-solid public finances, that can be attributed to the changing of the governments reform policy.

It is good and confirms to the full, that Denmark is a well-run country with a responsible population. A stronger impetus to get simply not, when it comes to finding a responsible path back to everyday life. And to hear the political debate. To the extent that we are at war, so it is from a virus and not a foreign military power, there is listening and can adjust his plans of attack along the way. Therefore, I am insisting on the right to have an opinion about genåbningsstrategien. Of course, it should be health-based, but it also has political choice.

It was a political choice, which åbningsscenarier the ministry of Finance asked up and subsequently caused the health authorities to assess. You could also have chosen a, which was based on an ambition to limit losses among especially small and medium-sized enterprises in the service industry such as restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, etc. by allowing them to re-open gently.

It was a political choice to run after an even more careful plan than the forsigtigste of the three scenarios, we decided to get assessed.

And it is – when we find ourselves so completely unique and markedly below the health capacity – not least a political choice to define 11. may as the next earliest deadline for a possible further opening up of Denmark. It is a politically chosen date. Therefore, it can be challenged. In Norway opening up for restaurants and hairdressers 27. april. I wish the Parliament will push for the same in Denmark.

could a parliamentary backing at the same time oblige the government to make a ‘something for something’roadmap, which is based on personal freedom and personal responsibility: What are the next steps for the reopening? 20 people, 30 people, 100 people? Restaurants with a maximum of four on each table and two meters of distance to the next? Six people, eight people? And what do we need to, in order that we may enter them? Not measured in dates, but on where we are on the famous green curve.

make a contract with denmark – based on trust and openness. It will give us a common ownership, limiting the financial loss and turn a common hope, that we each can help to meet. We are going faster in time, if we go along and know where we are headed with the distance of course.

But it requires an opposition to be taken seriously – and an opposition that dare to take responsibility. And it requires first and last, an open debate.

“freedom of Expression is felt in these weeks to be a very few granted, and rarely have I felt so limited in participating in the public debate which is now under the coronakrisen,” wrote a director of a large retail chain to me yesterday. “But I don’t DARE to mix me (…) Because we are living of the customers, there is tyndhudede, and which can bring the NN (the company’s name, red.) in a far greater danger than the government is, if we become the center of a hate campaign.”

the Truth is war’s first victim, is wont to say. Maybe we should fit a little on the free debate will not become a victim in the coronakrisen …

Lars Løkke Rasmussen

Lars Løkke Rasmussen, member of parliament for the Left and former prime minister