Lars Bak live life dangerous, even though he said goodbye to life as a professional cyclist at the end of last season.

“to make a long story short, I fell on an edge and broke the femur,” writes Lars Bak in a text message to the B. T.

In a Twitter lookup reveals Team NTT-sportsdirektøren the accident by, among other things, put pictures up of herself in a wheelchair and with a walker. The dane was hurt at the team’s hotel.

You can see the lookup in the bottom of the article.

at the End of February he was one of sportsdirektørerne, who accompanied the Team NTT during the UAE Tour.

the Race’s last two stages were cancelled due to the coronavirus, and it thereby also the whole of Lars Bak.

“I was four days in the hospital, before they had to operate me because of the circumstances with the coronavirus. It, even though I had two negative test,” he explains.

On Twitter thank Bak dr. Mohnish for a successful operation as well as the nurses who have helped him. In addition, he sends greetings to the family, which he misses.

Lars Bak is not the only one who has been stranded in the Emirates after the race.

Danish Jesper Hansen and the rest of the Cofidis team is also in quarantine after the race. This means that the climber may advance his son’s christening.

Even worse it went out of the UAE Team Emirates’ Diego Ulissi, who could not reach home and attend his daughter’s baptism, when he was karantæneramt.

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