Federation of hockey of Russia has announced the coaches of the youth national team on hockey. As previously reported, the new head coach of the youth team was Igor Larionov at the last world Cup, were the coaching staff of Valery Bragin.

Larionov – two-time Olympic champion in 1984 and 1988. He has four times won the world Championships three times and won the Stanley Cup. CSKA eight times won the championship of the country, and three with Sergei Makarov and Vladimir Krutov has long been considered one of the strongest in world hockey.

“For me this appointment is a great honor. Task to replace such a coach, Valery Bragin, who for many years led the youth national team is very complicated. Valery Nikolaevich wish good luck to the post of chief coach of the national team,” Larionov told the press service of the FHR.

“a Difficult task gives me extra energy. We have many good players who are on the radar of the youth team. See our team has very big potential. I have had a great experience in the past MFM, with optimism enter a new position and want to help our hockey to become a leader on the world stage”, he added.

to Help Larionov will be Sergey Golubovich, who worked successfully in the Junior national team, and Vladimir Filatov and Nikolai Khabibulin, who will work with the goalkeepers.

Chapter FHR Vladislav Tretyak said that Larionov needs no introduction.

“multi-level knowledge about hockey, including the modern youth, will definitely help him. Larionov had a great experience at the last MFM, where our team played attacking hockey and dominated the tournament, stopping half a step from gold. In addition to Bragin and Mikhail Larionov, in our system there will be two more new coaches: Vladimir Potapov and Alexander Titov in the Junior teams. Working with these teams earlier Sergey Golubovich Vladimir Filatov will join the coaching staff of the youth national team”, he said.