they used to be called jeep today, the vehicles with a little more ground clearance, higher Seating position, and often rustic appearance, are referred to as Sports Utility Vehicles, short SUV. With about 43 percent market share of the trendy Crossover vehicles now form the main Segment on the Swiss new car market. Once a red cloth for green politicians and, of these, generally speaking, absurd damn, the SUV Boom is unabated. According to a broad model range is long. No provider can afford to have at least one Crossover model to offer. The Segment from the little Suzuki Jimny covers on the sporty Lamborghini Urus to go to the posh Rolls-Royce Cullinan or the classic Jeep Cherokee everything.

in Spite of the climate discussion, a SUV?

However, you can buy today in the current discussion on climate change at all, in good conscience, such a Crossover? You can, like, our big CO2 shows a comparison. Because the SUVs, there is now, in addition to provide children with countless patterns for boys. So that we can compare with our opposite positions, but not Apples with oranges, we divide the multi-faceted SUV Segment in four categories: Mini, Compact, medium-class and Classic.

SUV without 4×4 is becoming more popular

Also important: Long ago, not every SUV has a mandatory all-wheel drive. The once only as effective decoys in the price lists of imaginary 4×2 SUVs are also increasingly popular in our country. Despite the traditionally large attachment of the Swiss to the 4×4 drive – one in every two new cars sold, a four-wheel drive is in us currently realize, more and more Swiss in the flat country and the city, that you may, in particular, dispense in smaller vehicles without big disadvantages in everyday life, on the heavier and the fuel thirst-enhancing all-wheel drive technology – without any loss of Image or Prestige.

Some providers are still in arrears

Also important: In the tables are only taken into account drive versions, the to 26. April, 2019 on a Swiss type approval exhaust technology 6d and 6d Temp no older types of permits to 6b or 6c have – so. Therefore, the SUV is Asian, and American manufacturers is currently quite thin. Many of these providers concentrate on the more interesting US market instead of Europe and are, therefore, in adapting to the most recent Swiss emission standards are still in default.