is the Library “e-Moscow school” (“MES”) offers to get acquainted with applications that are dedicated to the theater arts. This year celebrate 270 years since, in Yaroslavl has passed the first theatrical performance, which laid the basis of the professional Russian theatre. According to legend, the son of a merchant Fyodor Volkov staged performances together with their friends in a specially constructed for this barn, and then invited them to St. Petersburg.

Test your knowledge with the help of an interactive quiz that consists of 10 questions. Another app — “In the theater” — will offer to remember the famous poem of the poetess Agnes Barto and insert the missing words.

the App “Famous theatre of Opera and ballet” will allow users to learn more about Large, Small, Mariinsky theatres, the operetta Theater and others. It tells, for example, how they were built and who was the architect of the buildings.

Feelwords “history of the theatre call” — about how there was a tradition to invite the audience into the hall with calls. It started back in ancient theatres: then about the beginning of the action on the scene reported a threefold fanfare.

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