Several hours after the end of the hostage-taking of the banned Cologne’s main train station has been released. The tweeted the Deutsche Bahn in the evening. “Tracks 1 to 9 is passable again,” it said. It’ll come but still delays around the busy hub of Rail.

The station was evacuated due to a hostage situation at a pharmacy in the building, and since the lunch hours locked. According to estimates of Deutsche Bahn NRW hundreds of trains were affected by the hours-long lockdown. Long-distance trains, regional rail lines and suburban trains should be diverted. Some of the trains ended prematurely.

A special task force (SEK), a handle, and brought the hostage taker, according to the police, “under control”. He was hit by several shots. When you access the man “severely to have been violated”, he had to be resuscitated, wrote the police on Twitter. In the evening, he was emergency surgery.

A terrorist attack is not ruled out, it said at a press conference of the police in the evening. Witnesses stated that the man should have expressed that he belongs to the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS).

hostage-taking in a pharmacy

The hostage-taker had fired according to police at noon, a Molotov cocktail in a train station restaurant. As a result, a 14-year-old girl had been violated. You have suffered burn injuries and was in the hospital. The Triggering of the sprinkler system have caused the offender well, among other things, to leave the Restaurant.

Later, the perpetrators had fled in a pharmacy at the train station. There, he should have a woman as a hostage. According to police, he had threatened them solid and should have tried to light them on fire. This could prevent civil servants. The hostage was freed. Previously, it should be negotiations with the offender.

The hostage-taker is said to have demanded, according to police. He also requires a suitcase and a travel bag, said the senior police Director Klaus ruffles Schmidt. Suitcase and bag he had left earlier, in the cafe of a fast food, in the he an accelerant was ignited. In addition, the man had demanded the release of a Tunisian. Further Details are not known.

In the pharmacy were found after the incident, gas canisters and fire-accelerator. In addition, the passport of a 55-year-old Syrian, who is tolerated for 2016 in Germany was at the scene of the crime. This Person had already entered the police in appearance, among other things because of theft, assault and trespassing. Whether the offender is the Person on the card, could not confirm the police, although there is acceptance.

explosions by grenades

The station was cordoned off after the beginning of the use of counter-12.45 PM spacious and clear. It was asked, “to leave the quickest way to the station building”. In the afternoon of the access by the SEC. The officers fired two stun grenades. The explosions were heard on the Breslauer Platz on the station back.

The Cologne public Prosecutor started an investigation for attempted murder and assault against the hostage-takers.

The Cologne Central station is one of the most important railway junction on the river Rhine, it is located in the city centre, directly next to the Cologne Cathedral. Daily flow through him, around 1300 trains and up to 280,000 passengers on eleven tracks. There’s also the quick route to Frankfurt is locked to a ICE-fire, stand almost the entire rail-transport in and around Cologne to a standstill.