No person is believed to have been caught in large landslides, assess the Norwegian police.

A large landslide found late Friday night place in the city of Sauda in the south-west of Norway. This was stated by the Norwegian police.

The large amount of land bumping down over a amtsvej between Sauda and Hellandsbygda in Rogaland. The road has been blocked off.

Initially, the police were in doubt as to whether any persons had been caught in the skreddet. In Saturday’s earlier hours of the morning, the police have, however, assessed that it does not seem to be the case.

the ring-leader Brit Randulff from the south-west politidistrikt will provide to the Norwegian news agency NTB that was sent rescuers and lavinehunde to the area, where jordskreddet took place.

It was a person from the local fire brigade, who first came forward to jordskreddet by Gjuvastøl. He sounded the alarm shortly before o’clock to 23: 00 on Friday.

the Police report that the slippage is up to six metres high and 20 metres wide.

– A geologist is on board a helicopter there and should assess it more closely, wrote the police on Twitter on the night of Saturday.

Jordskreddet took place along county road 520 and occurred near turistattraktionen Allmannajuvet, there is a gap along the river Storelva.