the head of the region reminded that in nine years of implementation of the programme in the region areas received more than 8850 families. But among received land under the program of support of large families, there are those who do not need the land, especially in rural areas. These people do not use a benefit or selling land.

Now we changed the situation, – said Alexander Moore. – The payment for land can be allocated for housing. Funds will be credited directly to the Bank or the developer. Large families have another alternative. Choose what you need the land or the payment for it.

a Benefit can get the family with three or more children, which is in line to land for individual housing construction. The minimum social benefits for a family with three children is 323 250 rubles. On the fourth and each subsequent child will be surcharge at the rate of 64 650 rubles.

Families can spend the received money for purchase of apartments in the primary housing market, down payment when getting a mortgage loan, to the repayment of principal or payment of interest on the mortgage or purchase of apartments under the contract of participation in share construction.

the Statement to retrieve the payout in 2020 must be submitted before 31 July of this year, to receive payments in 2021 until 31 August.

In 2019 in the territory of the Tyumen region conducted engineering training more than 1 thousand plots for individual housing construction. 857 of them are designed for large young families. This year, the preparation of land produce in the villages of Paderin, Plekhanovo and Yakushi Tyumen region, Ishim and Ishimsky district, district in the South Zavodoukovskoe urban district.