This Lucerne municipality defends itself in a creative way against the brain-drain. Who decides as a young inhabitant of the municipality of big dietwil LU against a departure and for Stay, you will be rewarded for this Loyalty. The Gift: 1500 Francs. This announcement is a big media echo, triggered in the beginning of August.

Who wants to submit an application, you must meet two important conditions. The applicant must not be more than 30 years old and must first move out of the parents house. No Chance at the Bonus young Newcomers from other municipalities.

excerpt in a ” WG ”

Now there is the first four lucky big dietwiler. Belongs to you Yannik Koffel (23). “I have learned this week that my application was approved,” he says. Of the action he has learned from the newspaper and from the community.

“Together with a colleague, I’m already pulled in January in a WG. Therefore, we were not quite sure whether we get anything at all.” But now there is money for him and his colleagues. What he wants to do with the money, don’t know Koffel yet. Maybe a vacation, pay taxes or something for the first own four walls to purchase.

Limited financial risk

a Total of four applications approved by the municipality until now. “A fifth just came in this week, we are going to examine now,” says parish President, Reto Frank. He expects that in November, another comes.

a Minimum of 9000 francs is the cost of action is expected. “That to us the money for the action is based, may not actually happen,” said Frank. Because, you know, how many of the Young in large dietwil lived.

Almost only positive reactions from colleagues from other municipalities were told Frank. “Often the idea has been approved as a creative or as a successful recognition of the young population.”

That other places put on a Bonus, does not believe the 23-year-old Koffel. “This would bring nothing. I’m not stayed because of the money, but because I’m in the club, my commute is short and my colleagues in the Region to live.” The were for him more important reasons.

Nevertheless he sees the idea positively: “The 1500 francs, I understand as a Bonus as an appreciation of the municipality of us boys over.”

action for Older?

large-dietwil-President Frank thinks further: “to Us the new ideas. We would in future like to do something for the PT and the boys for our older residents,” said Frank.

the goal is The same: The village wants to keep residents as possible (for long).