Vladimir Putin congratulated with the International day of protection of children. One of the good traditions of the celebration – the ceremony of presenting the order of Parental glory. “I promise you, this ceremony will definitely be held in a solemn atmosphere and in the presence of all the members of your families”, – assured the head of state. “This will happen, of course, when all the forced limitations associated with combating the epidemic will be removed and the trip to Moscow, the cultural program has been prepared specially for you, will be completely safe, will be eliminated of any risks to the health of both children and adults,” he added.

the Birth and upbringing of a child is a great joy and a great responsibility, especially when the house is seven and more children, continued Putin. The mission of motherhood and fatherhood is one of the most noble, brings real happiness. “Parenting is a contribution of the highest, absolutely the cleanest sample in the conservation of traditional foundations of Russian moral principles,” – said the President. A big, happy family – a reliable support for the person and for society and the state. “It’s something that helps you reach your goals, overcome any difficulties and trials,” – said Putin.

And not accidentally during the discussion of amendments to the Constitution protect and support the family were among the most frequent suggestions from citizens. It is necessary to establish the basic Law to care about the younger generation as an absolute priority of the state, he said. This amendment to the Constitution is important not only today but for decades to come. Putin appealed to the youth, saying that success in life is determined by hard work, dedication, kindness and humanity.

“As in other countries, the epidemic is forced to, reasonable doctors, professionals restrictions affected the Russian economy, work, our businesses, and hence on the welfare of citizens. It was inevitable,” he said. And implementing the support measures the authorities have taken the decision primarily to help people directly first and foremost to support families with children.

the President congratulated Anna Kuznetsov with the birth of the seventh child. The baby was born on may 28. “How do you keep this form?” – wondered Putin. “I support children you give strength,” she said. Kuznetsova reported that in the past year considered about 90 thousand citizens. More than two-fold increase in the number of positive solutions. The explosive growth of applications for the protection of the health of children – 88 percent and the reduction occurred only on the issue of housing.

this is a 23% increase in the number of complaints about the work of the guardianship. And check have confirmed that there are system failures. No need to limit ourselves to minor and piecemeal measures, said Kuznetsov: “the Proposed��AEM reform of the system of bodies of guardianship and guardianship”. She also offered to provide support to families with children at the place of actual residence, and not permanent registration.

One of the parents was surprised that complaints about housing issues became less. The President explained: “of Course, the housing problem in the country is far from resolved and very sharp for large families… But it’s average, and we perfectly understand it”. “All our efforts will be largely directed to the solution of the housing problem as a whole,” he said.

Another participant proposed to introduce a reward for neighbors of large families. “We scream, we cry, knock, jump, jump: for us it is a joy, and it makes me sad, I don’t know how to comfort, to help,” with a smile he said. Under Peter I had been founded the women’s award, the symbol of which was the words “love and loyalty”, said Putin. “If you develop the idea, we need reward not only your neighbors but your friends, all people around me. For your patience, attention and support,” he said. Morally support those who support you, you can, “is not so humorous proposal”, thought the President, and added: “we Need to think about it”. In addition, he promised that a study family will be included in the list of topics for grants – asked one of the children’s fathers.