Medina is like everyone else affected by the corona-the situation.

When Denmark closed down, was the Medina in the middle of an acoustic foråsturné, and that’s why she’s also currently in the ‘hjemmekarantæne’ with her fiance and their two small yorkshire terriers.

How does a pop star corona-hoarding, indekuller and general fear of the future? B. T. sent a flurry of questions off in the mail to Medina. Here you can see her answers:

“It went so fast, from that I felt safe and secure in our small country, that everything just changed in a heartbeat. I philosophized a great deal of the time, we were going to go check in, and had many søvnlæse nights, just as it happened.”

Medina writes further:

“How could it go so far so quickly? Is it ‘Mother Earth’, who punishes us for the huge breach, we’ve featured her? What we learn from this? How many are changing their lifestyles when it is all over? Being made global changes to the law so the ozone layer does not get more holes, and we pollute less? I hope that we can all learn not to take each other and our fellow human beings for granted, but most of all the land, we only have one of, before it is too late.”

“I have it good. We are good to go for a walk, where there is no other, and fortunately, we are good to thrive indoors in an incredibly long time. We are aware that we must each have our alenetid, and we are doing our best to provide space for it, otherwise we must of homework.”

What are you doing for example?

“My everyday life I have spent on a project, it emerged that half of my forårstour has been moved to the fall, and so I am generally the type who are good to google and youtube, things I find interesting, which is a part moronic things, but I think it is fun to go in depth with. The other day I would learn to make my own app on the ‘Bubble’, which is a template for the app, but are you sunshine, it takes damn little time to understand, haha.”

How do you set your friends and family?

“I speak daily with my friends and girlfriends on Facetime. It is nice to see them, but it is not really so far from everyday life, where we often also facetimer. It is just cozier, when you are on the video together. I’m talking every day with my family on a single WhatsApp thread. It is so nice.”

Many fills the fridge extra nice up for the time being. Have you even been out to ‘hoard’?

“Not, hoarding is a hell for those who have not heard after in the hour. It is completely silly to hoard here in Denmark! We try to buy well check for so many days, we can think forward, and then we make food all the days. I love to cook, so it’s fine.”

“The last two years I have, quite naturally, cut crazy very down on tv in general. I feel mostly bored me, and the news I can read elsewhere. It has also gone up for me, that almost all the tv series only deals with violence, and the bother I’ll not spend my life on. I could well penetrate to the programs which teach me something fat, something that hits me and makes me a better person.

Medina writes further:

“instead youtuber I have many things that interest me, like energy, the universe, NLP-training (a special form of mental training, red.), Joe Dispenza, holistic remedies and natural things that heal and nourish all kinds of ways… And has 9,000 other things!”

How do you have it with, that you can’t get to the hairdresser?

“Haha, it’s gonna go.”

Many are going to hyggespise and drink a little too much. You are fighting even with the extra ‘corona-kilo’?

“Hm… My metabolism has always been in the highs, so it worries me not so much. But time will of course reveal if one day I grow out of it, haha.”

What about training? How you make sure to exercise, now where you for example can’t get in the gym?

“I exercise not at all in a centre, so it is just to get out in the outdoors, or at home.”

“I have not had time to puzzle yet, but it could as well be healthy enough for the brain with some slow concentration.”

You must, of course, also getting married this year. It comes here to influence the planning?

“so far we hope to go free for coronakrisen and its restrictions. We stick to our plans so far.”