This is the Academy of fine arts, of which he was a member since 1996, who announced on Friday 12 October, the death of Paul Andreu, which occurred the day before at the age of 80 years. Among the famous architects who combined invention and technical prowess, he has been one of the most famous at the same time as the less fond of the echoes media on his person. His career as a builder, resolutely open to the world, and on China in particular, has been overshadowed in may 2004. The collapse of a portion of the pier boarding at terminal 2E of the airport of Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle, that it had drawn, had left four dead and seven wounded. In spite of this accident, the airports remain as one of its trademarks. We knew less of him other talents : novel writing and painting.

Paul Andreu was born on 10 July 1938 in Cauderan, a small town which has since become a district of Bordeaux. He left the city gironde at the end of his adolescence and continued his studies in Paris : lycée Louis-le-Grand, école Polytechnique, schools, roads and Bridges, and fine arts. The two degrees that he received, one engineer, one architect, summarize the diversity of its future activity and its double interest, never turned off, for all areas of science and the arts.

buildings with a cultural vocation

For almost forty years, from 1967 to 2003, Paul Andreu has worked for Aéroports de Paris (ADP). He was successively responsible for the work at Orly and le Bourget, the chief architect of the buildings of the Airport Charles-de-Gaulle, then director and architect in charge of studies and works for all the structures whose ADP was in charge. Its expertise in the field of realization of the terminals, first in Paris, extends over the rest of France, especially to Bordeaux, france (1989-1995) and in Nice (1980-1987), and then, finally, everywhere in the world : Abu Dhabi (1975-1982), Jakarta (1977-1985), Dar-es-Salaam (1977-1984), The…