US presenter Lara Spencer (50) just wanted to be funny. Your joke was as planned and triggered a violent Shitstorm. In the news program “Good Morning America” spoke to the presenter about the timetable of Prince George (6). In addition to the “normal” school subjects such as mathematics, science, history, Religion, Computer programming and poetry, the offspring of Prince William (37) and Duchess Kate (37) shows also the ballet.

to be played then while the article is a picture of George, can Spencer resist a comment, simply: “You can’t understand why he is so excited about the ballet lessons. Prince William says that George loves the ballet, absolutely. I have news for you, Prince William: how long is this gonna take.”

The network had immediately also news for you. Among her recent Instagram posts, you had to be Immature many nasty comments plug-in: “, unprofessional and tasteless. This is what you’re after this comment about Prince George.”

Professional dancers in the position to comment

Brian Friedman (42), a choreographer who has worked with Britney Spears (37), Beyoncé (37) and Mariah Carey (49), catching the comment of the presenter so much that he referred to in an Instagram post position. He wrote: “do you See this sweet face, the future king of England? This charming Boy is ashamed of an adult woman in the TV because of ballet. You should be ashamed of you because of your personality.”

He writes: “When I was growing up as a dancer, I was bullied horribly, just like the comment is bullying. Spencer shows that it is okay to laugh at the dancing guys, and that is so sad. It makes me angry.”

Online-Petition against “gender-specific Stigma,”

The excitement of Spencer’s joke went so far that even an Online Petition started. In it go to “the eternal gender-specific Stigma against dancing men, which reinforces a culture of bullying and intimidation”.

the founder of The Petition calls for, among other things, “an apology in the name of Lara Spencer” and “Good Morning America”. The Petition was signed after 22 hours already 21 000 people.

Lara Spencer apologizes via Instagram

to excuse The many reactions that led Lara Spencer finally on Instagram. Taking a landscape image, she wrote: “I sincerely apologize for an insensitive comment I made yesterday in the news. (…) I firmly believe that we should all be free to pursue our passions. Climb your mountain and love every Minute of it.”

Despite the apology, she continued to receive negative comments. Obviously, she had enough of it, because Spencer disabled the comment feature below the post. This action degrees has had other consequences. Your Followers comment on now, just older contributions – and even angrier than before. (bsn)