Laptops by the end of 2020: the new-old keyboard and ARM processors

Apple is preparing to release new models of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which will be equipped with improved Magic keyboard with a more reliable “scissor” mechanism. To leave the company in the II quarter of the year. This opinion was expressed by TF International Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, famous for the accuracy of their forecasts.

Expert in July last year foretold the imminent release of 16-inch MacBook with a fixed keyboard. The prediction came true in November: Apple has released MacBook Pro 16, in which the design of the keyboard type “butterfly” (she was criticized for fragility, rapid wear and sticky keys) was replaced by the more durable the mechanism of the “scissors”. However, in the current MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with 13-inch displays but this problem still exists.

As expected, the new MacBook screen size will increase to 14 inch, and 13-inch models will be removed from the conveyor. Apple will also use various ways of optimization of production costs, but users, says Kuo, will not notice any difference.

in Addition, by the end of 2020 or early 2021 th is expected to launch the first MacBook with ARM processor by Apple, writes MacRumors with reference to the report. What kind of models they are talking about, Pro, Air, or both, the analyst said.

Rumors that Apple will abandon Intel in favour of its own chip with the ARM architecture, circulate for several years. “Home-grown”, developed taking into account the specifics of the Mac, will give the company greater flexibility in terms of updating and fine-tune the hardware.

Text: To.Hi-tech