the total value of the stolen 15 cases of beer, three cases of wine, 50 Steaks, 150 sausages and cash, the need to cope with an Association in the District of the municipality of North resin Langeln now.

The club’s home on the Heudeberer way in Langeln is on 16. March closed on Tuesday, 24. In March, it was noted the burglary: The Criminal had jimmied a window, all rooms are searched, and finally, the food stolen.

The police secured the tracks, and a criminal took display. Which team has the damage, whether the Association, poultry breeders, or band, protect, the police are not informed.

Who has observed something, can the police station resin phone 03941/ 674 293 apply. (mz/wsl)

*The contribution of “small-time criminals or hoarders?: Food is stolen for more than 1,000 Euro” published by the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. Contact with the executives here.

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