It is rare that the actually members and interests buhlenden associations Anga (cable networks), Bitkom (the IT industry), Breko (city operator), Buglas (fiber provider) and VATM (Service providers) get together. However, in an urgent appeal, they urge that the performance of the networks must be ensured. This is a very important prerequisite for people to communicate with each other, work mobile and be able to inform.

Here, the access to telecommunications facilities is of great importance. They are calling on the Federal government and the Länder, access to language of service technicians, equipment and data communication as well as the television and radio transmission. “The necessary and appropriate protection measures within the meaning of the health protection of customers and of all other persons, but also self-complied, of course.”

nationwide, uniform special permits required

As the presidents of the associations in unison to emphasize the need of the companies and their service providers, “simple and uniform special permit that allowed in the case of further restrictions, to provide for the position of operation of the network.” A proposal had been made, the responsible authorities in the Federation and the länder.

Currently, the free movement of technicians will be maintained in accordance with the current state of the “output restrictions” to continue. The technician may visit your workplace. This is according to the order in General, in a cable distribution Cabinet, or at the customer’s home. In some communities, there have been already problems. The efforts of the associations are therefore, in principle, a preventive measure, to make for the case of further restrictions of the freedom of movement is clear that the system is the position of the operation of the various networks relevant. The goal of a single, nationwide solution.

  • Telekom technician to work in the Corona-crisis
  • Vodafone technicians to Corona-times

This article was written by Thorsten Neuhetzki

*The contribution of “landline, Internet & mobile: curfew could put networks at risk,” published by Inside phone. Contact with the executives here.

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