full-width on the hood, on the flanks, at the rear, in the door entry strips and more time in front of the passenger – where you look at this car also, one reads in bold letters “Defender”. As a country, would be Rover its self not sure, have shaped the British name rather once too much than too little into the sheet metal or plastic. You have to understand: After the Defender in 70 years, has matured without any significant design change to the icon, and only so far modernised was required, as the authorisation rules, now not only a big step, but a giant leap: If now, after four years of break, with prices starting at 55.600 Euro finally, the new Defender at the Start, is nothing like it was. At least at first glance.

This applies to the Design, while the Silhouette of its predecessor and style, the characteristics, such as the side of the roof window or the outside of hinged spare wheel, and the danger of confusion, especially in the two-color paint finish low holds, the uses but not a single familiar line, let alone a sheet metal part from the past and instead, for example, with playful LED lights front and rear, all-new accents. Land Rover The all-New takes on the Silhouette of its predecessor, the

And it applies to the technology. The old Defender was axes a solitaire with a ladder frame and rigidly, forcing him to the profitability in large-scale architectures of the British and thus in a purpose common to eight with the Discovery. Like his distinguished cousin, the Defender, therefore, has a self-supporting body with a high aluminum content, the wheels are individually suspended, and as an Alternative to the steel suspension is air bags, which not only comfort, but also the ground clearance to be increased. The G-class go anywhere – with a V8 engine even in the Diesel zone FOCUS Online The G-class go anywhere – with a V8 engine even in the Diesel zone

Also on the inside of the Defender, the first as a five-door version of 5.02 meters, with the nickname “110” for the summer for prices starting 49.700 Euro as a three-door “90s” with a length of 4.58 meters, do not even attempt a good-old-time fool. makes With digital instruments and a large touch screen with Online Navigation and its own App Store, Updates “over the Air”, and more USB ports than a large room-office, he flirts more successfully with the Generation of iPhone – even if the few remaining switches are still a little more rustic than in supposedly more modern SUV that handles more stable and the materials more robust. Land Rover and especially the new Defender goes through thick and thin

It’s all new, and fit for the future – but at least the claim is old. Because even the new Defender will be a profound Partner for life and adventure. Therefore, there is a lot of space and, thanks to an optional middle seat in the first row even more than in most other SUVs. There are many new bins as the smart shelves in the side wall, and a many hundreds of positions the comprehensive list of Extras and accessories from the roof tent up to 22-inch rim, with the Defender either an expedition vehicle, or an exclusive eye-catcher for high earners is.

but also the new Defender goes through thick and thin. Not only that, the classic off-road values such as watts, depth, or angle of approach are at least the kitchens, as well as before, and in most cases even better. An army of assistants and cameras thank, you need it now not even very much experience. Where you previously had to be professional, to drive a Defender through the jungle, more to come now lay on the Handlebars, as they had thought in their wildest Dreams ever: never before has it been so easy to walk the Daktaris tracks. BAIC for Daimler – looks like the next Mercedes G-class? FOCUS Online BAIC for Daimler – looks like the next Mercedes G-class?

And even before the endless arrival in Africa, you no longer have to fear now. Because while the Defender is in terrain shines with the same perseverance as its predecessor, it feels on the road now as a contemporary car and is no insult more: The suspension is comfortable, the steering easy and, above all, goal-oriented, the Seating position is ergonomically safe and the noise level so that you can talk to the passenger in hotel rooms volume – nowhere is the progress more evident than on motorway and country road.

In driving engines, which are also in a new Era of bringing the Defender in the process. Because, as the Evoque is available in connection with the automatic, the first Mild hybrid and even a Plug-In drive. It starts initially with two diesel engines with two liters of displacement and 147 kW/200 HP or 176 kW/240 HP, a two-litre, four-cylinder gasoline engine with 220 kW/300 HP and the preliminary Top model of the three-litre in-line six-cylinder with 295 kW/400 HP, the catapults, ready the Defender in undreamt-of Speed. In the past, in the case of 122 PS was, already 100 km/h for the test of courage could be, and you came even with the wind never to 150 km/h, the 400 HP engine 191 km/h and with the 22-inch speakers, even up to 208 km/h and even at 180, the little Finger is enough to keep the Defender on course. And also the standard consumption of the best if seemed to 7.6 litres until recently, unattainable.

although It has no component more from the Original and offers a completely different driving feel. But he has the same character as before, and is fit for the next 70 years. Who is the new Defender, don’t like, nevertheless, that the British comfort with a view into the statistics: From 1948 to 2016 have been built by the first Defender more than two million copies and over two-thirds of them are still on the road. As should find, somewhere, a suitable second-hand.