Land Rover DefenderАнгличане came up with this car immediately after the war, that is, from poverty. Tacky the Second world economy of the Islands learned to produce tanks and planes, but now she needed a versatile machine, able to ride off-road provincial Britain, equally suitable for farmers, police, doctors and hunters. Maurice Wilkes, the author of the first Defender, borrowed quite a lot of technical solutions from the American Willys, which fought the British soldiers. Angular forms, which then will be read all Land Rover vehicles— this is not a design idea. The manufacturer was unable to manufacture more complex molds for stamping body parts. To the engine of some car lots have joined the PTO — they can be powered sawmill machine or pump. The result was not just a car, and the platform, which produced dozens of various modifications. In the company’s Museum and from private owners collected nearly 150 designs created on the basis of the first Defender from a crane to an SUV on the tracks.Actually, Defender is the most bizarre car in the model range Jaguar Land Rover. Brand that produces exclusively luxury cars for many years continued to collect this, shall we say, austere car. Of course, the “Def” is a legend of the British character, and even Elizabeth II in “the Queen”, she manages this machine. But it’s time to update it for him.The new Defender, which the company promised to show for several years, was first presented in autumn at the IAA in Frankfurt and immediately launched into the series.The new Defender received a D7x platform, the same one used Land Rover models. Obviously, the company has replaced more than one generation of engineers and present were able to finally abandon the frame construction in favor of carrying the aluminum body. Judging from the appearance of the machine changed and a generation of designers, although a reasonable compromise between the awkwardness of classic and licked the corners of a contemporary was found.Lineup Defender remained: three-door SUV produced under index of 90, five-door — 110. In the configuration you can choose one of three engines: a 200 – or 240-strong diesel or the 240-strong petrol engine.Speed characteristics Defender not surprised never retained this quality. But the box — that will tell real Jeepers — only automatic, eight-speed.The fastest modification with petrol motor can speed up to 208 km/h, and the rest even slower. However, the Defender is not for racing was created. Its developers have tried to make the car the most utilitarian and, most importantly, comparable with the off-road qualities of his predecessor.Only ��if the former Defender took obstacles, strength, the current, the mind. Electronics automatically changes ride height, Terrain Response system (the same as the more expensive relatives) distributes torque on the axles depending on traction wheels with the ground. By the way, in this system for the first time has a “Ford” to bridge the streams to a depth of 90 cm. Set of options — like a real luxury SUV, the Assembly machine on the Configurator you will have to spend time choosing and lights, and special glass and electronic assistants — from the cameras to the recognition system of road signs.In April, the new Defender has been tested in Russia, and now the dealers will take an order for a new car.Audi E-tronУспехи Elon musk haunt the marketers from Ingolstadt. Model E-tron, the first fully electric car Audi, in February, was certified for sales in Russia, and it can already be ordered at the Russian dealers. The price for it starts from 5.56 million. For the company, of course, the bold decision — to bring an unusual model for a market where sales are decreasing even traditional models. In addition to Audi is that one major Japanese automobile brand, has decided on promoting electric vehicles here and not yet reported a success. However, the E-tron will share the market not with the Japanese budget of electric vehicles, but rather the American “Tesla”, for which demand has already been formed — at least in the capital cities.This crossover that looks like a Q7 model, is driven by two electric motors with a total capacity equivalent to 360 HP, and the rear motor is about 20% more powerful than the front. For reference, the transmission itself of the electric vehicle there. Speed one front and one rear be enough, because torque is almost not dependent on the speed of the motor shaft. All-wheel drive combined with a low centre of gravity — it provide battery located under the floor, ensures excellent vehicle stability in cornering. By the way, to 100 km/h it accelerates in 5.7 seconds and the maximum speed reaches 200 km/h. the Main question asked by all owners of electric vehicles— how much is enough battery. Tests have shown that the so-called WLTP mode (this standard is the manufacturers love because it gives good efficiency) — that is, movement in an urban environment modeled on the basis of statistical data— E-tron rides to battery discharge 436 km away For daily trips around town enough, but when the journey from the financial capital of the country in the cultural use of high-speed toll road will not work — there, on a stretch of almost five hundred kilometers and a normal filling on the fingers can be counted, and electric and does not.But just if you take long journeys on a desert routes, the figure turns out pretty good. For comparison, a comparable size diesel Audi Q7 full tank is enough for 650 km. to Charge E-tron can also be done from a household socket — but it will take almost nine hours.Digitalization — that’s the slogan the makers of this car. From traditional analog systems, they refused wherever possible. Even the side rear view mirror — not a mirror at all, and video cameras, broadcasting the image on the displays integrated in the front panel.Dashboard E-tron is, of course, not Dragon 2, but something very close to it. All submissions on transport of the future that existed at the time of the design of the car, found a place in it: a virtual dashboard, controlled by touch or voice commands, navigation with voice input commands, a set of electronic assistants driver.E-tron — a car-a scout, his job is to test the market, gather the reaction of customers, listen to their wishes. Skepticism about electric vehicles there are in all markets, and Russia is no exception. So the first buyers of this car can consider themselves pioneers. And be aware of all the risks involved.