The 34-year-old ‘Born to Die’singer has lost his voice, and are therefore forced to cancel a handful of concerts.

‘I regret to disappoint all at the last moment, but this disease has come as a surprise, and I have completely lost my voice,’ writes the singer, according to Variety in an opinion and continues:

‘the Doctor has for the current council for me to take four weeks off. I hate to disappoint people, but I need to be healthy. Kærligst Lana.’

the starting point for the european part of the sangerindens tour should have been a concert in Amsterdam on 21. February followed by concerts in, respectively, Paris, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Berlin and Cologne.

Now it looks temporary, that none of these concerts has become a reality.

At the time of writing, Lana Del Rey is not informed about the disease on social media, and it has not dropped in good soil with her fans.

‘I love Lana Del Rey to the dead and wishes that she should prioritize her health, but her silence in this situation is ill-mannered and disrespectful towards the fans,’ writes one fan among other things on social media.

Several fans riles up, at present it does not appear that the concerts are being moved to a later time.

‘I feel that Lana Del Rey just broke up with me. I will not even have my stuff back. Let us pray that the concerts will be held at a later date,’ writes one fan on Twitter.

Lana Del Reys latest album, Norman Rockwell, has been nominated for two Grammys and was in 2019 named to music critics favoritalbum.

The 34-year-old singer won the first time international recognition back in 2011, where she broke through with the song ‘Video Games’. Since then, she has released six albums and visited Denmark several times. By the summer of 2019, when she appeared on the Tinderbox.