to celebrate the new Sián, the next week at the Frankfurt motor show world premiere, makes Lamborghini a half-step in the future. With the Hybrid technology electric the Italians to personalize the car their first super sport, but from the V12 nitro you do not want to separate. The 6.5-litre engine has titanium intake valves and makes 785 HP (577 kW). So he is the most powerful Lamborghini engine of all time. The 34 pounds, the Hybrid module is yet to come.

This 48-Volt electric motor is built into the transmission. Benefit: When Shifting, it comes to no interruption of Traction. Even if is uncoupled, the E-Motor still in torque. The jerk will disappear-like movements when Shifting in sports cars especially at low Speeds in the city unpleasant. The electric Motor provides 25 kW (34 HP), which Sián comes to system performance, out of a total of 819 HP (602 kW) and is currently the most powerful Lamborghini of all time is.

The battery-Alternative

the Second core piece of the Hybrid module is a super capacitor to store the electricity. Lamborghini uses such a in the Aventador, has developed for the Hybrid-Monster substantially more. He is now able to store ten times more power. He is three times lighter than a Lithium-ion battery with the same performance. In contrast to a battery, the capacitor with the same power charge and discharge, whereby the regeneration is more efficient. Lamborghini writes that the capacitor is charged each time the brakes completely. This energy is released instantaneously as a power boost and improves the acceleration.

The Numbers for the Hybrid Lambo

In less than 2.8 seconds to sprint to the Sián from 0 to 100 km/h and a top speed of over 350 km/h. So he is faster than the 1000-horsepower Plug-in Hybrid-Ferrari SF90 Stradale. However, the electric motor switches off at Lamborghini of 130 km/h. In the case of the engine cooling system Lamborghini uses in its Hybrid monsters on intelligent materials. They react to certain temperatures of the exhaust system and to adjust the cooling of the engine. This technology has the traditional brand from Sant’agata Bolognese for a patent.

63 pieces of “flash”

The aggressive Design of the Sián is inspired by the legendary Countach, and fits with its jagged edges to the name. Sián means in the Bolognese dialect, lightning and refers to the first electrification of a series of Lambos. Wherein: The Hybrid is limited to only 63 pieces – after the founding year of Lamborghini in 1963. And these 63 copies are all sold already.