Many people are creative in these times, but few have dragged it as far as Laila Jonas. Both veggbilde, flowers, godteriskåler and barskapet is moved out.

Vinterhagestua also has a “secret” room where it hides a faucet with homemade beer.

– Here is the week of easter is far from cancelled, says Laila Jonas.

the Smoke rise up from the bålpanna, and Laila cast on an extra vedkubbe.

– When we are urged to be at home this easter, we may as well make it extra koseleg.

Laila has build snow fort in the garden with its own bar and faucet. You need javascript to see the video.

Laila has build snow fort in the garden with its own bar and faucet.

On Wednesday I got the urge to make borg. I besought my husband to brøyte way. Snøfresaren had been quiet for two days, so he had a little abstinensar.

Ho think it is important to fill the days we are inside with something positive.

I have seen many other who are building the citizen, we also have much leisure time. So why not?

the Family spent around three hours on the job.

Pyntinga took Laila out of the day afterwards. It took an hour.

In one of the “secret” rooms hides a bar.

Photo: Wibeke symphony no / NRK is looking forward to the heimepåske

It was not so much work, but pretty heavy, ” says his daughter Emilie Hansen.

Ho had been it was fun to get out. There has been a lot of time inside with the family and the printing on the phone.

Photo: Wibeke symphony no / NRK

There has also been a bit kjedeleg to not be able to be at the school and together with friends, but it has now gone down, she says.

13-year-old think she is going to sit much in the new utestua this easter.

– Usually we are at the cottage, but I think easter is good.

It has also mom Laila Jonas faith.

Follow the government advice and be at home, but make the best out of it!

No wait, Laila Jonas just in the zone and svigerdottera. So it can be innviingsfest of snøborga.

Photo: Wibeke symphony no / NRK