After 13 years in the case of the SRG, including six as Director of radio televisiun Svizra Rumantscha (RTR) and two as stv. Director-General, whether it is time for a new challenge Ladina Heimgartner (39) says: “Ringier is an international, broadly diversified and courageous media company in the digital Transformation of Europe-wide standards. I am looking forward very much to working with all of the Ringier Team.”

heimgartner has Begun at the SRG at the age of 27 as an editor of Radio Rumantsch. After three years as the Director of the Department of Reflexiun and as stv. Editor-in-chief, she went to the SRG-General of the Directorate, where she built the area of “markets and quality,” and headed up. In 2014, she was elected as a Director of radio televisiun Svizra Rumantscha, 2017 as stv. Director-General.

in 19 countries, active Ringier AG heimgartner member of CEO Marc Walder (54) headed by the Group Executive Board: “With Ladina Heimgartner we win one of the most interesting media managers in German-speaking Europe, Ringier. Your current balance in of the SRG SSR, most recently as a Deputy. Director-General, is impressive,” says Walder.

Ladina Heimgartner changes in the first quarter of 2020, Ringier AG

Heimgartner the newly created Corporate Center is responsible for. In this function, heimgartner manages the Group Executive Office and for the Ringier group of strategically relevant projects. In addition, Ladina heimgartner will lead the communication Department of Ringier AG.

René Beutner, since the 2017 Chief Communications Officer Ringier AG, has announced in late summer that he wants to take a break, a new challenge. He will be Ringier in the coming months as advisers to the side. “With its implementation ability, his creativity and his understanding of modern enterprise management, has launched a lot of new and innovative communication channels. I thank him for that. I regret that René Beutner has decided to leave our house,” says CEO Marc Walder.

Ladina Heimgartner will encounter in the spring of 2020 to Ringier AG. Until then, the communication Department will, on an interim basis by Johanna Walser, stv. Head of communications, led.