in Addition to color coding, women’s Parking feature and its size. If the usual place is two and a half feet, the women’s Park – 4.4 meters. This will allow the ladies easier to load in the car purchase, seat children, while not being afraid of the door to scratch the other car. While decided to allocate 10 Parking spaces. If the innovation will have buyers like it and the Parking lot will be expanded.

the rules of the SDA such Parking is not provided. If, for example, the motorist without the right is Parking on site for disabled employees Parking lot in this photo to send the traffic police to issue a fine on the offender. In this case, according to lawyers, all exclusively on the conscience of the motorist. But the shopping center do not see any infringement of rights: all are made for convenience only. “If a girl is in heels not want to put the car on the allocated Parking in front of the Mall, no problem, our Parking is great, even leaves his car anywhere.” “It is important that clients feel comfortable. Parking for women – our innovation,” explain the staff of the shopping center.

Ramil Khairullin, the Chairman of Federation of motorists of the Russian Federation on RT noted that there was nothing illegal in this initiative there is. “The rules state that the total number of seats a certain percentage should be given to persons with disabilities. The rest of the site, the owner of the shopping center can paint anything, even as a place for retirees. The only thing – it should not prohibit Parking in these areas to others.” According to him, this innovation at least makes you smile.

But, it turned out, the traffic police Tatarstan the city of Kazan, the guys are very serious. There found violation: pink Parking sign, as the markup is not provided for traffic regulations and do not correspond to GOST standards. “Accordingly, the administration of the shopping complex were issued an order to eliminate violations. If it will not be executed until the end of the week, the leadership of the Central Department store may be imposed an administrative penalty,” – said “RG” the senior inspector of propaganda OGIBDD in Kazan Lenar Gilmutdinov. It is hoped that the wives of traffic police will instruct them.