In the case of the SRF-“Rundschau” of moderators deficiency: While Dominik Meier (40) resides abroad, was injured colleague, Nicole, Frank (44) when a Cycling accident. This SRF writes in a message. Today’s show dedicated to, among other things, the post-car scandal, moderated, therefore, the journalist Fiona Endres (29). Endres is since 2017 editor for the political broadcast.

According to the media spokesman Stefan Wyss have shown Endres in the camera tests, that she was a Talent. “That’s why we give you this Chance and to trust her representation also.”

Nicole Frank needs to rest after her accident, and next Wednesday is expected to be back in front of the camera. What happened? “I was with the Bike on a forest trail, have simply overlooked a root, trunk, and I fell,” she says to VIEW.

“concussion, bruised Ribs, abrasions”

The presenter wore fortunately a Velohelm – nevertheless, they suffered bad injuries: “concussion, bruised Ribs, scrapes all over your face.” The doctor had written to Frank sick for a week. “Therefore, it was not enough for the programme”, says the SRF-journalist. (kad)

The “Rundschau”issue with Fiona Endres will be broadcast today, Wednesday, 20.05 PM on SRF 1.