The british opposition party has now chosen the man who will pave the way back to power after the Corbyns exit.

In the united kingdom is Keir Starmer been appointed as the new leader of the opposition Labour party after Jeremy Corbyn.

It also reaffirms the party on Twitter after the result was first announced in the british media.

Keir Starmer has previously been a public prosecutor and has been indiscreet opponent of brexit.

Some political observers have described Starmer as Labour’s moderate right wing, but he rejects even the label. He insists that he represents all of the party members and says that he never has a chosen side in the party’s fløjkrige.

He has described himself as both centrist and socialist, but not “corbynit”.

Starmer is the most experienced politician of the three candidates, that was back in the fight for the presidency.

It assesses the Ole Helmersen, who is an associate professor at CBS, with specialty in british politics.

– He has been seen as the one who can unite the party again and maybe get laid the new midterpolitiske course, as the party desperately needs if it is to be the governing party, says Ole Helmersen.

Keir Starmer beat Rebecca Long-Bailey – one of the Jeremy Corbyns allies and Lisa Nandy in the fight for the presidency.

Jeremy Corbyn chose to withdraw, after Labour suffered a huge defeat in the elections in december.

Keir Starmer will be congratulated with the election of his party colleagues.

Congratulations to Keir Starmer, the new leader of the Labour party, write the party on its official Twitter profile, immediately after the result of the formandsvalget was officially.

Keir Starmer thank his party colleagues for election.

– It is an honor and a privilege to be chosen as Labour’s new leader, he says in a video posted on Twitter.

He adds that the election is taking place at a critical time – both in the Uk and the rest of the world – because of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

– It reminds us of what that in fact means something – our families, our relationships, the love for each other, our health and our connection to them, as we do not know, says Keir Starmer.

He says that Labour will now collaborate with the government to lead the british through the crisis.

– It is a big responsibility, and regardless of whether you have voted in this government or not, we are all dependent on it being done right.

– It is, therefore, that the Labour party will assume its responsibilities – in the nation’s interest, says Keir Starmer.

He also stresses that Labour will cooperate with the government and not be in “opposition for opposition’s sake”.

Keir Starmer won with 56 percent of votes, while Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy were respectively 28 and 16 percent of the vote.

Angela Rayner, who so far has served as shadow secretary of state in the field of education, has been appointed vice-president in the party.