prior To August 1, the company needs to introduce or report the remains of marked shoes. Data needs to be transferred into the state system of marking “Honest sign”. If this is not done in time, the shoes will be considered illegal, and the information about the attempts of its turnover or sales will be transferred to regulatory authorities.

“This is done in order to exclude situations in which the participants of the turnover could obtain free codes for the markings on the remains with the goal to continue to use them for several years trying to introduce and sell illegal products”, – said the Director of the Department of business analysis CRPT Vera Volkova.

From July 1, 2020, the manufacture, import, wholesale and retail sale of shoes with no markings in Russia becomes impossible. This date is also the mandatory transmission of information on goods movement in the system “Honest sign”.

the marking system of the Shoe was more than 55 thousand companies. Many of them joined the system in 2018, when started the experiment. Therefore, the majority of trafficking willing to move to mandatory labeling, I believe in CBT. Confirm this position by the producers themselves.

“We are fully prepared to work with the marking Shoe. The entire issue is translated into the labeling from January 1, a holiday – on March 1. We developed two ways of applying Data Matrix codes – adhesive labels, and printed on the printer tape codes”, – said the Deputy General Director of “Paris commune” Artem Sarksyan. According to him, selling prices have not changed, the marking was included in the structure of production costs.

All the process in the warehouses of automated equipment and upgraded software to scan Data Matrix codes, said the Director of the company RALF RINGER on logistics Yuri Vorobyov.

“We have developed our own software based on 1C, it has many advantages compared to others available on the market, – said General Director of a Shoe company “AXA” Dmitry Lavrukhin. According to him, the company invested in software development, label, well-functioning warehouses and expects to recoup the costs in the medium term. While selling prices did not increase.

According to industry participants, the main plus the introduction of mandatory labelling of footwear market transparency and equal competitive conditions. “Gray” import of such goods shall cease.