On a good day, James Rodriguez (28) can still make the difference with his superb left foot. But his good days are becoming less and less.

At the 2014 world Cup, where his star rose, it was the Colombians top scorer. His goal for 1:0 in the quarter-finals against Uruguay, as he had to drain the Ball with the chest and 22 meters volley hit, was a work of art.

After the world Cup, James moved for 80 million euros from Monaco to Real Madrid and inherited the number 10 of Mesut Özil. But the career faltered. Under Zinédine Zidane, James was mostly replacement. In the Champions League Final in 2017, against Juventus he was sitting on the bleachers.

Also in Bavaria, where he was on loan in the summer of 2017, stagnated James after a strong start. Coach Niko Kovac has recently taken a little more to him. Bayern refused to accept the capricious artist definitely.

hairdresser instead of season-preparation

At Real, where he was in the summer, gritting his teeth returned, played James on the last weekend only, therefore, in the starting lineup, because several regular players injured. However, after less than an hour, the conclusion was again: James suffered a muscle injury in the lower leg.

Now, Héctor Fabio Cruz reports to word, of his character, the Ex-team doctor of the Colombian national team: “James is sick in the head. The Young is focused on little. Instead of focusing on to prepare for the season, he went to the hairdresser, and had her eyebrows fixed up.”

He was not surprised that James has injured: “He was beat before that months. To maintain instead, he went from Party to Party. It was clear that he would hurt himself in the first serious fight.”