In his Four-set defeat in the 2. Round in Wimbledon against Rafa Nadal shows Nick Kyrgios once again be emotive Enfant-Terrible-face. He is on the Court, a genius of good bully. Among other things, he served twice an ACE with a serve from the bottom.

for the first Time, delighted the audience, the Second a few Boos are heard. Some speak of a lack of respect Kyrgios’ towards the opponent.

At his media conference, he blasphemes to a Reporter who asks him why he tried it, despite success only twice: “If I do something Rude, I’ll be destroyed in the media for it. I thought I would be professional and would hit the drum to normal. No, I’m kidding. I just wanted to beat no more. Oh, shoot me, because I have run against Rafa no impact on the Center Court from below. What do you want from me, man? I don’t know what you want from me.”

“Why should I apologize?”

Not only with his serve, from the bottom Kyrgios duped his opponent. In the third set, he aims deliberately to Nadal at the net, the can deflect the Ball with the Racket. A Sorry there not from the Australians.

Kyrgios rants at the press conference pointed out: “Why should I apologize? I wanted to meet him, Yes, in the middle of the chest! He has a lot of Grand Slam titles and a fat Bank account, with him, I must have no pity.”

Nadal is angry, in turn, on the way from Kyrgios. Rafa says: “I say that Nick does, to disrupt the opponent. But it is true that he is sometimes dangerous. If he hits the Ball so, that is dangerous. Not for me, but dangerous for a line judge or the audience. If you hit the Ball, you don’t know where it was going.”

Kyrgios is thinking about Chilling out in the Bahamas

Despite frustrations over the behavior of the Rüpels Nadal says more about Kyrgios: “As I have often said, he is a very good, talented player. But there are many important things you must do to become a Champion, isn’t it? Nick has many good properties. With his Talent and with his serve he can win a Grand Slam.”

Kyrgios but lack the necessary ambition and professionalism, with the Big to keep up. On the question of what he would do now in the coming weeks, he replies: “I’m still not sure. I got my house in the Bahamas. Maybe I’ll go there and chill a little.” (rib)

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