It is the presidency of the municipality that recently adopted that they should try to facilitate civil access marriage in kven, in addition to sami.

Kvænangen is a municipality that bets on the sami and the kven language, and we have established a language centre. When it feels natural that we look for areas where people can use the language in everyday life, ” says Losnegaard Mevik.

the Municipalities took over the civil access marriage

until 31. December 2017 had tingrettsembetene the responsibility for the bourgeois vigslene. From 1. January 2018 took the municipalities of that responsibility.

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today offer Kvænangen municipality access marriage in English and any other language that vigslerne master. And there must be an approved vigselsformular. Today there are sámi, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian, but not for kven.

Here at the town hall in Burfjord, it may be possible to get a bourgeois access marriage in kven, in addition to Norwegian, sámi, and several other languages.

Photo: Eirik Hind Sveen / NRK Not possible to be wit of the kven

That the municipality will have access marriage in sami hangs together with that Kvænangen is one of the country’s largest reindriftskommuner. Many saami speaking live in Kvænangen large parts of the year. Therefore it is natural that these can be via in Kvænangen of a church weddings who master the sami

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But the municipality has also very many which are of kven descent, and the kven language is a priority area in the municipality of .

the Mayor of the Kvænangen, Eirik Losnegaard Mevik say they bet on both sami and kven language and then it is natural that they try to offer civil vigsling in both languages.

Photo: Dan Robert Larsen / NRK

Losengaard Mevik says they have not had any requests from people who will be via in kven.

– But then we should find someone who is a ram of consecration on the sami, it was natural to also find vigslere on the kven since we are focused on both the sami and the kven, ” he says.

He thinks that even though it’s not as often as it is a part of everyday life that people enter into marriage.

In the saksframlegget states:

“We currently have a commitment to the kven and sámi languages through språksenteret. The goal is that we use in everyday life to make sure that more people speak the language. Hence, there will also arise a need to solve life’s little and big events on the sami/kven.”

We found out that it was not possible at kven, and then we found out that we get to do the job yourself and see if we can get introduced a vigselsformular on kven.

Språksentret to translate

Now administrasjonssjefen been commissioned to carry out a work to get in place a government-approved vigselsformular on kven. This must be standardized and approved for national use.

Kvænangen language centre, a language centre for both the sami and the kven, has been commissioned to translate vigselsformularet to the kven.

Photo: Samuel Frode Grønmo / NRK

the Translation should språksentret started with. There are also people who can ram of consecration on the two languages.

It is the ministry of Children and family affairs which has responsibility for the civil access marriage. In an e-mail they respond that the municipality may send a written inquiry to the ministry with the desire for translation of vigselsformularet to the kven, so they will consider the matter.

Losnegaard Mevik think it is important in the job to revitalize the kven.

– I think it is important that you are in a job to revitalize a language can find the areas where people can use the language. And I think it means a lot for those who have kven background and who want to make use of the kven language.