In this coronacrisis asked for Anderlecht and his players to get a 1-month salary to be delivered. KV Oostende will far not go. The kustclub want to be players, from 1 to april, 30 per cent of their wages to pay for it with a minimum amount of 4,000 euros gross.

at KV Oostende, is within good on paper, but the club does not have to be a lot of hiding behind the coronacrisis. The Pro League encourages unemployment because players already have so many tax benefits. UNTIL now come up with an alternative proposal. There were a lot of players using e-mail, if they are willing to take it in april, only about 30 per cent of their salary on out with a minimum amount of 4,000 euros gross. The reasoning is that 4000 euros gross a month, can make ends meet. Earners, as Nicolas Lombaerts will be so much more, for only about 30 per cent of their salary is not equal to 30 % of the amount of Green He. The players will look at a proposal right now.

for example, If it is not, makes a living out, it will be UNTIL, perhaps, it is for unemployment. The players, some 70 per cent of their wages, capped 2353 euros. Or 1647 per month. Many people will be there, and so are much less likely to leave. That is UNTIL all the SOCIAL security pay back and the back of the belastingsbetaler to come.

The staff of KV Oostende at this moment, however, all – in part or in whole, of technical unemployment. (jug).

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