Kurtz opposed the operation

Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz spoke out strongly against the resumption of operations on control over observance of embargo on arms supplies to Libya. It was held in the Mediterranean sea and was named “Sofia”. The objectives of the mission included the struggle against illegal carriers and training the Libyan coast guard.

“I say clearly, this will not happen,” said Kurtz.

According to him, the EU and the partner countries should now concentrate on how to stop the smuggling of weapons to Libya by air and land.

as for the “operation Sofia”, as noted by the Austrian Chancellor, she has proven to be ineffective. According to him, she was always first and foremost mission to rescue the migrants and has become a “ticket to Europe” for thousands of illegal immigrants.

the Mission of Sofia was created in 2015. The ships of the EU countries patrolling the Mediterranean and was involved in the rescue of illegal migrants. “Sofia” replaced the more narrow mission, “Triton”, was launched in 2013 after the mass deaths of migrants attempting to cross the Sicilian channel and reach the coast of Italy. “Sophia” was discontinued in the spring of 2019, because member countries could not agree on the distribution of the rescued migrants.