recently, a TV-Star Kurt aeschbacher (70) lost his beloved dog, Bombay (†16), which he held together with his former life partner, Andrin Schweizer (48). The pain of the loss of the brown Labradors was great – but now Aeschbi, which is a relationship for five years with Leonardo Reinau can laugh again. “We have a new Dog. Amelie is the name of the lady. She is 18 months old and has not done it as a blind guide dog. Maybe a lucky one for you and a gift for us,” says the former TV Talker to a VIEW.

He didn’t think he could find so quickly a new dog. “After the painful farewell to Bombay, I just went with the guide dogs for the blind-home in Allschwil in contact,” he says. Aeschbacher had not acquired this a long time ago, a dog from Allschwil, of the for the training. “Cashew was my first dog. A lovely Labrador lady, but sadly died early of a brain tumor.”

“It was love at first sight”

The well-known training Center in Allschwil, BL is the highest level of dogs for Blind and disabled people. “Amelie was playful after a few weeks of training but something and also not suitable to make your own decisions. A need to guide visually impaired people safely to their destination,” said Aeschbacher. “She wants to please, but decide not to. Bad if you need the help of a companion dog. Wonderful for us.”

It had to be found for you quickly with a solution. As the home notified Aeschabacher, “I decided to use my blind for Amelie”, the TV-man radiant. “On Friday, the blind date took place. And it was love at first sight. At least on my part. Amelie, however, was reserved for something else.”

Since the weekend, Amelie is now a part of the family. “I think she is quite happy with me, even if we still need to learn a few things from each other.” Aeschbi muses: “A visually impaired person, the dog must now run through the big city jungle. But to me the various places to accompany the well-bred chaperon, you can’t play without.”

Not only a heart for dogs,

Kurt Aeschbacher takes care of not only his dog, lady Amelie, but also on endangered animals such as the Patagonian deer, the Huemul. Recently the presenter of a ten-day trip is returned by Patagonia. “With our Foundation we try to give the endangered Patagonian deer with a future.” It lives only 300 to 500 copies at the foot of the Andes. “We have now a huge national Park on the legs and build with Swiss researchers at a breeding station, in order to increase the stock and hope to animals, naturalizing,” he says.

Back in Switzerland, aesch Bacher takes over on Sunday, the show “Behind the hedges” by Katharina Locher (32). “There it is, to realize my garden of dreams in everyday life,” says the enthusiastic Amateur gardeners. Most of all, he is happy to be able to with Amelie in the upcoming summer happy hours in his personal garden in Provence (F) to spend.