the Planned job cuts in Europe and plant closures, a global savings program of around 14 billion Swiss francs: Recently there was hardly any good news from Ford. And then the US group played truant with its own Europe-Department of the Geneva Salon.

commitment to Europe

But at his news show, “Go Further” in the Dutch of Amsterdam Ford big moves. Minute-by-minute new models roll onto the stage, presented by the on 1. April taken Europe-leading Duo of Stuart Rowley (CEO) and Steven Armstrong (VR-chief). “We have a Vision for a successful business,” says Armstrong; Rowley sees “a powerful Statement of Ford Europe”.

Finally, electrification

the core of the Vision: networking, new Services and E drives with 16-electric or electrified versions of the model, of which eight to the end of the year. And fresh models are, first and foremost, the new Generation of the best-selling Kuga. The mid-size SUV will be lower, leaner, longer, and looks almost like a station wagon with more ground clearance. To the rear there is more space, the loading lip indented deep, the rear bench can move along.

Three Hybrids for the Kuga

on the drives, turbo gasoline and diesel from 120 to 190 HP, some with all-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic, three Stromer: the case of The Mild Hybrid with 150-horsepower Diesel pushes and recuperating a 48-Volt electric motor to reduce fuel consumption. The hybrid version comes at the end of 2020, the Plug-in Hybrid to Recharge in the wall socket with 225 HP and 50 km electric range at market launch in early 2020.

US Explorer for Europe

ten years Ago Ford around brought the Fiesta to the USA, now it is different: From the end of the year, the US-SUV the Explorer comes with seven seats and a Plug-in hybrid powertrain with 450 horsepower and all-wheel drive. And finally, Rowley still leaves the gap filler between the small Ecosport and aufgerücktem Kuga roll. From the Crossover the Puma with up to 155 HP on the Fiesta-the base was a thunderstorm behind the Laser but not much more than the Silhouette to see.

And one more thing to save Ford-and later, because up to now, still no word on the planned all-electric Tesla fighter.

The upcoming Puma is the first Ford model with this Name: 1997 Ford built a sports coupe based on the subcompact Fiesta. The Puma was developed as the first Ford model entirely on the Computer, but had 40 percent of the car will be manufactured in hand work. The performance ranged from 90 to 155 HP with a Version for the UK. The Fun lasted only four years. The name was Ford by the Brazilian sports car taken forge Puma.