With a view to the front warns the group prior to the downturn in the economy.

Specifically, the net sales increased in the period from January to March to 7.7 percent to 5.24 billion francs. The to the volatile freight rates adjusted, and therefore, the more meaningful gross profit improved by 7.3 percent to 1.99 billion, as the group announced on Thursday.

operating profit (EBIT) also rose, by 2.5 percent to 242 million francs, exceeding the margin to 4.6% (previous year: 4,9). To shareholders attributable net profit, however, decreased slightly by 1.6 percent to 180 million.

exceeded expectations

With the Figures, Kuehne+Nagel has surpassed analysts ‘ expectations. The Reuters consensus was for the gross profit in 1’896 million, EBIT at 235 million, and for the shareholders profit attributable to 179 million Swiss francs.

The company itself speaks of “a good Start” to the year 2019. Because you have increased net sales, gross profit and EBIT, again, was CEO Detlef Trefzger cited in the message.

the conversion margin for

According to the sectors considered to be reached, Kuehne+Nagel, ocean freight, an increase of the operating profit (EBIT). The so-called conversion margin, the ratio of EBIT to gross profit was 29.3 percent. 2018, the margin was 27.2 percent. It is an important measure in the industry.

declines in the air cargo

the air went back to the cargo, however, the volume. The business area had a cargo that is parallel to the total air-to-market developed, the decreased by 2 to 3 percent, it said. By means of active cost management, it was the decline, after all, largely compensate.

growth for 2019

In view of the logistics, as usual, a little taciturn. Moving in an environment, in which the growth of the world economy is slowing down noticeably, and is CEO Trefzger cited. For 2019 it is planned but unchanged, “to grow as a group and boost our earnings”.