Kudryavtseva told about the quarrels with her husband in isolation

Lera Kudryavtseva in March, had time to relax in Dubai. Now she spends days in isolation with her husband Igor Makarov and one-year-old daughter Masha. TV presenter does not hide that goes to work, because the esters have to get out in time. Most of the time blonde devotes to the heiress, but sometimes also supervises the training of the spouse. The girl recently admitted that she gained weight.

22 APR Lera interrupted his usual routine. She rallied, got up and went on the air with Olga Buzova. Many believed that girls braidout as singing TV presenter has taken the place of blonde on the award “Muz-TV”, but they chatted pleasantly and pootkrovennichal.

“You still in love with my husband?”, — asked her Buzova.

“So far, Yes. We’re all good. We have where to run away from each other. I ran into the guest house. I just don’t envy people who live in the apartment. Or should be, the apartment is not huge, but it’s not at all so. Honestly, I’m really sorry people” — shared TV presenter.


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“I’m so lazy this month. I live the owl. For me the day is difficult,” — said Kudryavtsev.

She said that before watching the morning TV shows, and sleeping less than eight hours, as a small child does not sleep. The star admitted that he is a perfectionist, so she’s always clean and has delicious homemade food. But Buzova hardly remembered when the last time was cleaned. She also noted that the beloved is not forced to cook it as often just wants to spend time with her.