Speaking about the economy, Kudrin sets “the key for our country the question – what will be the role of oil after the pandemic?”. And says that “oil production in Russia will not fall, but the rent that was past 20 years, we will be gone. For the entire economic policy, including budgetary policies, is a key challenge if non-oil sector will develop more actively. “Rent” will now give new technological and innovative solutions, a number of innovations, but only if we stay ahead of the curve. Came the most critical moment to turn from the oil economy to the knowledge economy and technology”.

the head of the chamber concerned for the development of the private sector after the crisis. “In the coming three to four years, we need to show real results in this direction. First of all, significantly reduce regulation. We need more freedom”.

According to the author, Russia with its population and territory can maintain its influence only when “a substantial increase in performance, the forced introduction of technological, digital and managerial innovation. And innovation requires a different institutional and regulatory environment…”, – says Alexei Kudrin.