Kudrin: the failure of the budget amounted to more than a trillion rubles

the head of the chamber Alexei Kudrin said that in 2019, the failure of the Federal budget amounted to 1,122 trillion rubles. The level of budget implementation in 2019 94.5 percent, said RIA Novosti. Earlier Kudrin warned that such a situation may occur.

In particular, he spoke about the possible failure of the budget in excess of one trillion rubles, at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of audit chamber have explained the failure of the budget by the bureaucracy of some of the procedures.

the Head of the control body reported that the chamber expects the government to mishustina report about the reason for such poor execution of the Federal budget, and that the perpetrators will be found. Kudrin added that the Prime Minister has already instructed his subordinates to understand the situation and find those responsible. He expressed the hope that in 2020 this will not happen again and, judging by the attitude of the government, “many of the commitments will be fulfilled.”