the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) brought the case against the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak and ex-President Leonid Kuchma on charges of treason. This was announced by Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the “European solidarity” Vladimir vyatrovich. It is not explained what exactly is cheating. But probably we are talking about the creation of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk Advisory Board with representatives of the breakaway LC and DNR.

In March of Ermak and Kuchma were in the center of a scandal after put their signatures under the Protocol on the establishment within the political sub-group of the TAG in Minsk the so-called

the Advisory Board. As possible participants was representatives of the breakaway republics. Then, the document called a breakthrough and talking about the fact that Kiev is finally ready to really implement the Minsk Agreements. Because direct negotiations with the representatives LNR and DND – there is a part of the recorded agreements. But it was not there. Against this initiative were not only supporters of Poroshenko, but the number of members of the “public Servants”. They wanted to destroy that document, and the signatories of Ermak and Kuchma be immediately dismissed. As a result, about Advisory Board Kiev forgot and more to this subject in the negotiations did not come back. It seemed that the scandal in Ukraine was hushed up, but now viatrovych suggests that the delegates did not speak of his name, and in the case may appear and himself Zelensky.

the Situation “MK” commented the scientists.

Kirill Molchanov, Kyiv analyst:

– According to Ukrainian law, if someone will require something to investigate, the court must make this in the unified register of pre-judicial investigations. It was a personal initiative of Viatrovych – surrender obstruction Ermak with his idea of creating the Advisory Board. The court obliged to make a case, but not the fact that they have something they would investigate. Such cases mass. They simply give birth, then they are the daddy and no progress on them is not. Moreover, Ermak – each Zelensky. And I don’t think they will compete. This is a PR statement Vyatrovich, so the actual consequences will be.

Konstantin Bondarenko, Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Ukrainian politics and the Fund “Ukrainian politics”:

– everything is simple: the MP viatrovych appealed to the security service and says that there is a fact hossieni which was carried out by Ermak and Kuchma. The security service did not satisfy his appeal and he then appealed to the court. In turn, the court decides to still investigate. Now the security Service, based on the court’s decision, will begin pre-trial investigation. It will end with the formulation that we have considered all aspects not found crime structure. The real situation is that the Deputy decided to hypenate on this matter and nothing more. I do not see any prerequisites to this case is somehow moved off dead center or to have consequences for Ermak or Kuchma.