Can play a team against a coach? An exciting question. I say: no. Because that would mean that a player plays against itself. And this is impossible. But let me go.

I need to send a fact: the debt of poor results, the players are always mainly. To eighty percent. Coaches and Staff only to twenty. This is, of course, also in Basel. There is a lot to understand too many players, what it means to wear the Jersey of FCB.

In my head are somewhere in the province, in Lugano or Lucerne. But not the best in Class of the last few years. And you give the impression to want to as quickly as possible from Basel to leave.

This is fatal! Individual class has the team. Not as much as the current crew of YB. But there’s so much that you would have to have a lot more points.

But that doesn’t matter. If a footballer is on the field, he wants to win. Always. He’s in the genes. The footballer is a player. And a player always wants to win! The will to win is always there.

Only: If the player is not due to other things with the head at the thing, then he enters the field of play with a performance potential of, say, fifty percent. He then retrieves because he wants to win. But that’s not enough to win. And then arises in the viewer the impression that the player plays against the coach.