Ralph Krueger: It was surprisingly easy. In the summer it had engaged me, whether I would have trouble with it. But I immediately felt at home again. After six years of break, apart from the World Cup in 2016, was not the of course. Da has also helped me the time in Southampton. I had so much contact with the younger Generation.

After the sale of Southampton, it was clear that I would only stay until the end of my contract. After that, there were three options: the Management of a NHL club, as coach and take up a similar role at a Premier League club – there were investors who were interested in a buying a clubs. However, after the talks with the Sabres, it has attracted me like a Magnet. The decision process took several months, and then we had a Meeting with the whole family when my son, Justin at home.

I think I’m at the right time at the right place. It is a club on the move. Many elements are already present. Like the time in 1997 when I took over the national team. There is also the big stimulus to take a geek. Our core players are young. I was under the impression that you are ready to take the next step. In addition, it’s fitted with the leaders of the Sabres.

When I was there, I’m rumspaziert something in the city, and I then looked to see two Playoff games in sports bars. As I have discussed at the bar with Fans. That was interesting. Buffalo is a good city. I was surprised at how European it is. It has a lot of culture, music and cafes. And it is only 20 kilometres away from the Niagara falls.

Total. The first test of the game I thought: Wow! You have the team constantly in the Hand. Every 30, 40 seconds, the player will come back to you. There are so many things you can influence. And the NHL has become so much better. The Tempo of Athlete’s life off the ice. The product of hockey is always better – even in Switzerland.

Fast-a very open culture to bring in, in the you lay everything on the table. Everyone knows what is expected. Communication is important to me that the players can bring to open – this is not the case everywhere in the NHL. But I demand a lot from the players. I’m not here to be popular. I’m in for the group is constantly under pressure.

It is certainly possible. However, in the last 19 years, I was the only European head coach in Edmonton, and now here. The path to the NHL leads on a Job in the AHL. If I hadn’t worked for two years as an assistant in Edmonton, I would have become a hardly any NHL Coach. And the success in the World Cup has extremely helped to keep me in the conversation.

we have installed everywhere, and you can also take to the away games. The players like it. In doing so, I came back as a tea drinker in Switzerland and have the Espresso-culture in the Nati learned to appreciate.

not at All. In Hockey, there was the Trend that the home team had at the world Cup difficulties, until the Swedes have broken him. I am convinced that the national team will play a Top world Cup. Without any Fears. Switzerland has, in the meantime, so many Top players here in the NHL a good role.

Buffalo and the Sabres

Ralph Krueger’s new home in Buffalo has a little more than a quarter of a Million inhabitants and is located in the state of New York, 470 km North-West of the Big Apple, on lake Erie, on the border to Canada. Its name the city owes to the Buffalo Creek (Buffalo Creek). Since 1970, the Sabres (sabers) play in the NHL. For a title it was never. Twice (1975 and 1999) current status of Buffalo in the Stanley Cup Final. With 20 points, the Krueger Team is assigned a 15-Play space 4 in the Eastern Conference.

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