Actress Kristina Asmus told subscribers in Instagram about his actions that she is ashamed of her for 20 years.

The case, which recalled the actress, took place in a children’s camp. 12-year-old Christina took part in the competition for the best drawing, although drawing.

you need to Draw it yourself. I don’t know how and did not know how to draw the word “all”. One girl offered to draw a portrait for me. And I agreed — remembered actress.

According to Asmus, the drawing was “cool” enough to win a competition. Then she did not dare to admit that the victory given to her unfairly.

it has been exactly 20 years. I occasionally think of this story and I am ashamed still… — summed up artist.

Wrote earlier, actress Christina Asmus visited the Comedy Club in Moscow, where her husband Garik Kharlamov, whom she had decided to divorce.