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Seven months after he came to Australia, stay utvekslingselev in Adelaide a bråere end than planned.

Really should ranværingen be in the australian metropolis until the beginning of July, but now he and the other students home.

But it is easier said than done, even if he has the tickets and it goes flying.

We’d flown via Bangkok, but when we arrived at the airport in Melbourne had the thai authorities changed the rules and requires negative koronatest to travel via Bangkok.

on Tuesday, reported the Australia about 430 new infections in the country. Last week saw the government forced to shut down the world-renowned Bondi Beach, after that the people did not comply with recommended distance.

Had to be symptom-free

Rausandaksel even have no symptoms and therefore believe nor did he have any opportunity to be tested with the first.

Now wait, he’s a new opportunity to get home.

Our utvekslingsorganisasjon have held for a week to try to find the tickets and then it was the only way to travel through Thailand. Things change every day with new rules.

In the meantime go most of the time to sit in the room with the host family and get the time to go. Where is he closest to in isolation and the daily contact with the host family it has become less of.

basically he wants to finish the school year, but follows the Norwegian authorities ‘ advice.

exchange students are seen as travelers, and the general invitation from the ministry of Foreign affairs is that all Norwegian citizens who are travelling abroad considering to travel home as soon as possible.

– It is a very unpredictable situation here now, and the last few days I have been trying to get me home.

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the Foreign ministry has no overview of how many norwegians who are located abroad. Either adults or minors.

But they encourage anyone who is on trip abroad to register it on the portal

Then it is also important that you update your whereabouts and scheduled return, and that deleting the trip when you get home.

the Foreign ministry works closely together with SAS, Norwegian and Widerøe, to help Norwegian citizens travelling abroad to come home safely.

Bondi Beach in Sydney appears empty after the australian government closed the world-famous beach.

Photo: PETER PARKS / AFP – Proud,

In Mo I Rana, sits Maria Saltirov Rausandaksel and hope his son to come home as soon as possible.

We are of course a little unsure of how the situation in Australia will evolve in the future. We do not know when we can get him home. We take it a little bit as it comes.

the Family is trying at the same time to prepare themselves and Kristian that it may take some time.

the Hope is that he comes home before easter.

We are first and foremost incredibly proud that we have a youth on the other side of the earth that handle the situation with calm and confidence.

packed suitcase

Kristian Saltirov Rausandaksel use the last time in Australia to keep in touch with family and friends, and to watch movies.

Alenetiden has also given him a new pastime.

trying to fill time with something meaningful. I have started to write a diary to document my experiences here.

And if he gets the message that the return is in the box, he is ready.

I’m ready to come home. The suitcase is packed. The passport is clear. We are just waiting on the tickets and an opportunity.

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