Kristen Stewart (29) is not playing hide-and-seek. Since 2014 is the actress Dating also women, and also open to the public. Like does not seem to any. It was not advised her often to show their sexuality so openly on the grounds that she would get more roles.

As someone said in the past to her: “If you want to do yourself a Favor, keep the Hand of your girlfriend in Public. Then you could be in a Marvel movie.” An absolute impudence, as Kristen says: “I don’t want to work with such people.”

“What the hell are you”

are, It was much more important to enjoy your life. That is, with the people she loves to go out and talk in Interviews about the relationship. “Some people don’t fit it, I go out with girls, other do not mind that I refer to myself as a lesbian. People always want to know, and you’re wondering what the hell I am.”

What you don’t want to define Kristen. Drawer think she could not suffer. Therefore, the term is not to say your bisexual, she explains.

more and more want to your undefined sexuality film

is it fortunately, but also less important, what it is. The “Twilight”Star continues, now people even come to you that want to find this undefined sexuality interesting and the films in turn.

her next Film, however, is not about your sexuality, but a remake of “3 angels for Charlie”. There, she plays Sabina Wilson, one of three angels. The Film comes at the end of November in the Swiss cinemas. (bsn)