Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) does not want to decide on a new climate protection concept despite the successful lawsuit by the German Environmental Aid (DUH).

“We now have a completely different mechanism,” said Kretschmann on Tuesday in Stuttgart. The climate protection concept, which has been provided for by law up to now, is to be replaced by the so-called climate measures register. Therefore, the court ruling in favor of the DUH is outdated, said Kretschmann. “They had a bit of bad luck there, the German Environmental Aid.”

The DUH had asked the state government to submit a new climate protection concept by February 28, as required by the court. However, the state government is planning to change the law – the corresponding proposal was presented in the state parliament in December and is now in the parliamentary process. The DUH is therefore too late with its demand for a climate protection concept, explained Kretschmann.

The Administrative Court, on the other hand, had emphasized in the reasoning behind the judgment that the obligation to have a climate protection concept remains in place until the law has actually been changed by Parliament.