– We only say good trip and hope he never comes back, says the progress party’s Sylvi Listhaug of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

Now in the afternoon and collected several Frp-politicians on Parliament to celebrate that mulla Krekar is extradited to Italy.

the Politicians helped himself of a cake decorated with a Norwegian and an Italian flag and with the inscription “Good trip, Krekar”.

Believe it is safe

– GOOD TRIP: Frp folded around and ordered a custom cake on the occasion of the day.

Photo: Olaf Døvik / NRK

justice minister Monica Maeland announced the extradition of a hasteinnkalt press conference on Thursday afternoon.

Krekar is no longer in Norway. Krekar is currently delivered to Italy, said Maeland.

She said they have assurances from Italy that it is safe with respect to the koronaviruset that now is ravaging the country. The attorney general received a number of questions about why Krekar is sent to Italy right now.

“We have received assurances that he will get the help he should and is entitled to,” says Mæland.

– You advise not norwegians to go to Italy?

– We’ve executed a decision that is made. We believe it is thoroughly treated and properly conducted, ” says Mæland.

Could you not waited until the situation calmed down in Italy?

We have waited to Italy believed it was prudent to undertake, and that they felt that it was in the day, responding Mæland.

CONFIRMED KREKAR-DISPATCH: justice minister Monica Mæland held a press conference on the extradition of mulla Krekar Thursday afternoon. You need javascript to see the video.

CONFIRMED KREKAR-DISPATCH: justice minister Monica Mæland held a press conference on the extradition of mulla Krekar Thursday afternoon.

Meling: – A the day

Krekar-lawyer Brynjar Meling thunders against a wide variety of samfunsaktører.

– It is a the day for the PST, for statsadvokatembetet, for the director of public prosecutions, for the government, for the ministry, for the court. It’s the way you make this joke in the best possible way. To pulverize responsibility, so that there is no need to take responsibility for what is done. So that all may be, as Pilate did, wash his hands, says Meling.

– Came unexpectedly on you?

– I thought it was a touch of decency, respond Meling.

WATCH VIDEO: Krekars lawyer Brynjar Meling react strongly on the extradition of his client. You need javascript to see the video.

SEE VIDEO: Krekars lawyer Brynjar Meling react strongly on the extradition of his client.

He says that he had hoped for an improvement when the conservative party left the government, and that he had expected more of This.

– When you got koronaviruset on top of it all, so I thought at least you would show some humanity. Instead, he uses it and the attention koronaviruset take to implement this joke without getting the attention it deserves, ” says Meling.

He should now be in the forsvarerteamet in Italy.

– Let him not say goodbye

Meling react to that Krekar did not say goodbye with the family.

– They sent him out in the night’s obscurity and darkness, ” says Meling to NRK.

They allowed him to not even say goodbye with the family, knowing full well that it is impossible for them to come to Italy. I know that the attorney general is a lawyer, and have laid down an oath to prevent injustice. And that she was relieved from it when she was a politician, ” says Meling.

At the press conference was Mæland asked why Krekar did not say goodbye with the family, but the question believed she the police had to answer.

Then there is the reason that it a long time ago made a final decision related to this answer Mæland.

– Is it a victory for the government?

– It is important that we implement the decisions taken both in the court and the King in council. We have effected the decision we shall. We have done it according to the laws and regulations that apply, answer Mæland.

Krekar has been ” I in anticipation of extradition to Italy. Wednesday was the imprisonment extended. In fengslingskjennelsen stated that it was not entered into any agreement for the delivery yet, but that PST is in dialogue with Italy about this.

the Day after it happened.

– PST can confirm that we have assisted with to get transported out Krekar in the day and he is now in Italy, ” says senior advisor Annett Aamodt in the PST.

Krekar in afflict

In the fengslingskjennelsen shows that the court believes that it is possible to travel out of the Uk, despite korona-situation. Here come it is also evident that mulla Krekar is in a risky position.

“It shall be however pointed out that the defendant is of high risk by the infection of the covid-19, and it appears to the medical certificate of 17. march 2020,” it says in the ruling.

the Court writes that Korona-the pandemic affects the whole of Europe, and that this has been the reason that Krekar has not been sent out previously.

“the Court has considered the fact that the opportunity to leave Norway now is very limited due to the corona situation, but there is still the opportunity to travel out of the country. Although it is more difficult to take out of the country, this is not sufficient for that condition currently not met, so it is assumed bl.a. in the Borgarting lagmannsretts adjudication 7. august 2019 and later judgments. Also domestic unndragelsesfare covered.”

Krekar-complaint dismissed

Friday 13. march came the decision of the minister that the mulla Krekars complaint is dismissed, and that he thus can be delivered to Italy.

– This is a decision that is final. A final utleveringsvedtak shall initially be made as quickly as possible. It is in the usual way, the Norwegian and the Italian police who ensure that utleveringsvedtaket be implemented, said Maeland 13. march.

because of koronasituasjonen in Italy, she explained that the shipment must be exposed.

– Effektueringen will happen as quickly as possible, ” said Maeland.

Krekar-lawyer Brynjar Meling spoke of it as a the day for Norway.

Krekars defender has previously said that they will appeal the case to The european court of human rights in Strasbourg.

it received a complaint to the ECHR, then we must of course await the decision, which presumably will come fairly quickly, ” said Maeland 13. march.