Kravchuk proposed to amend the law on decommunisation

given the fact that the people of Ukraine have different attitudes to what is happening in the Square with the symbols of the former Soviet Union, ex-President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk proposed to make adjustments to the law on decommunization. He said this on air of the program “60 minutes.”

the law on decommunization said that the symbols of the Soviet Union should be dismantled. “This law is not in the interests of the people of Ukraine. It would be nice to make some adjustments,” — said the former President of Ukraine.

as an example he cited the fate of the Kiev monument of the Soviet era — Motherland, which is still not dismantled.

“Relatives of Ukrainian architect Vasiliy Boroday, the author of this sculpture, do not agree to the dismantling of the monument. Therefore, this problem should be solved by civilized methods. What is needed, and adjustments to the existing in Ukraine the law on de-communization,” — said Kravchuk.

Referring to his statement about the meeting of Hitler and Stalin, Kravchuk remained adamant and reiterated that “nothing came up”.

“I read this information from the media. We are never going to listen to one TV and will never read the same book. The world is global, and freedom of speech has not been canceled. We need to be sensitive to what is happening. If someone expressed a wrong, not a hostile opinion, we should understand this attitude,” retorted Kravchuk.

however, the former President of Ukraine left from the answer to the question, why such statements it is not possible to establish friendly relations between Russia and Ukraine. Kravchuk said that politicians should not intervene in history.

“Let them interpret the storyKi, and politicians engaged in the preservation of peace. If we all understand and will interpret today based on the past, we are bound to collide,” said he.