the Ex-President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk questioned the words of the Deputy Minister of social policy Natalia Anychance further reduction in pensions of Ukrainians.

In an interview with “NSN” the first President of Ukraine called the words of the official “fake” and referred to the opinion of the “people in power”, which is nothing of the kind did not.

Earlier, Anychance said that the vast majority of Ukrainians – almost 83% – receives a pension below the subsistence level, up to 4000 hryvnia. She explained this situation by the shadow diagrams to the calculation of wages and the imperfection of the solidarity pension system and warned that without change in the situation of pensions of Ukrainians in the future will be even less.

Kravchuk called the statement of Anychance “private opinion” and suggested that if her words were true, it would be a “real challenge” for the Ukrainian authorities.