On Wednesday, ended the 25-th round of the championship of Russia on football, which again turned out defective. “Orenburg” due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the team could not conduct a home match with the “Ural”, and it will be counted for the second consecutive forfeited. The leader of the Premier League, “Zenit” won in the “Tambov” with the score 2:1 and increased the gap from the second place of “Locomotive” to 11 points. In the Central match of round “Rostov” and “Krasnodar” played draw 1:1.Already the third round after the restart of the championship of Russia was held on a shortened programme, and again the match with participation of “Orenburg”, which has not received permission from the regional Rospotrebnadzor. From the moment when the meeting of the 24th round with the “Krasnodar” the club has identified eight cases of infection with coronavirus, the epidemiological situation in it not only stabilized, but even worse. As reported in the Russian Premier League, now ten members of the “Orenburg” confirmed disease, so the team at full strength is quarantined, and continues on a regular basis. Thus, for the failure of the match with the “Ural” in the Orenburg will again be forfeited, and the second “techie” in a row threw them in last place in the standings. Moreover, the fact that South Ural residents will be able to play on the road against Rubin in the next round on July 5. It seems that they are going to ask Kazan to reschedule this meeting to the backup date, but here they only hope for a commitment against the principle of fair play. Meanwhile, the “Orenburg” is already being called the main contender for relegation from the Premier League.However, some coronavirus is not terrible. So, the attacker “Zenit” Serdar Azmun contrary to the requirements of the Premier League regulations for the observance of safety measures on two recent occasions been seen in the public places of St. Petersburg and even subjected to fines, including on the part of the Control and disciplinary Committee of the Russian football Union in the amount of 40 thousand. nevertheless the match of the 25th round with “Tambov” the Iranian left and opened the scoring in the end of the first half. Again “Zenith” worked the shock bundle Asana with Artem Dzyuba. Malcolm pitched in the penalty area, Russia striker flicked the ball to the partner on the attack, and he hammered it into the net almost from the meter. For Asana this goal was the 11th this season. In General, St. Petersburg tried to overcome the “Tambov” little blood and almost paid for it. In the end, the hosts earned and implemented is not obvious to the naked eye, but an authenticated system VAR a penalty. However, midfielder “Zenit” emiliano Rigoni managed to score the winning goal. After “the locomotive” on the eve played a draw with “Wings of the Soviets”, Spassin vivo recording from defeat before the final whistle, the leader of the Premier League still managed to increase the gap from nearest competitor by 11 points, and in the 26th round he can win the League title.Misfire railroad, of course, was on hand and “Krasnodar” with the “Rostov”, which lead them to fighting for second place and a direct ticket to the Champions League. Especially close to “the locomotive” settled down “bulls”, lagged by only four points with two matches to spare. But first they had to deal away with the “Rostov”, and for them it really was the first game after the resumption of the season. It so happened that the “Krasnodar” for reasons beyond reason itself missed the previous two rounds. We will remind, in addition to the meeting with the “Orenburg” is not held, and his confrontation with the “Dynamo”, which deferred to July 19.It seemed, from the point of view of competitive practice advantage should have Rostov, and the match took place in their home. Besides the yellow-blue gradually returned to operation recover coronavirus players — Horen of Bairamian is already in the starting lineup. But the hosts somehow very timidly looked in the opening and immediately gave the initiative that led to big trouble. 13 minutes, Anderson pulled the ball across the half-pitch and delivered it into the penalty area where the ball in the commotion at the gate Sergei Pesyakov was Marcus Berg, who also helped to vary Daniil Utkin and Kristofer Olsson. Before the break, the visitors almost nothing is allowed to create “Rostov” in the attack, and they themselves could have scored a goal in the locker room the effort the same and Wánderson. The Brazilian is periodically tormented opponents and in the second half. Wards Valery Karpin the game still went wrong, including the heroes of the past meetings with Arsenal Pavel Mamayev and Alexei ionov. For the hardest victory over the gunners after partial release from quarantine, according to head coach, his team could put a monument. And this time, Rostov have shown strong-willed qualities, having managed to equalise in the 102nd minute. They came to the aid of a VAR characterized to hit the ball in the hand of the defender “Krasnodar” Cayo as a violation of the rules. In the end, ivelin Popov penalty brought “Rostov” one point. Kuban missed the opportunity to minimize the backlog of “Locomotive” in real time, although they lost points at the moment is not inferior to him.Intriguing and seemed to match in Sochi, where the club took “Dynamo”. Not so long ago dangling at the bottom of the black sea fleet significantly improved their position in the standings and got the chance to catch up on points with European types of capital club. In the spring part of the championship Sochi showed impressive statistics of four wins, one draw with goal difference 20:3. Even if you delete from it once��rum of child structure “Rostov” (10:1) in the 23rd round, still the team showed a noteworthy series. First of all it is white-blue it was necessary to restrain Alexander Kokorin, who has quickly established itself as the leader and most dangerous player “Sochi”. By the way, the infamous striker also broke the isolation mode, lit up at the birthday party of his friend, but he didn’t have any problems with the part in the match. Exactly Kokorin in the result gave the Dynamo to take with “Fisht” three points, equalized with 11-meter mark in the 92nd minute. Guests also scored from the penalty spot thanks to an accurate shot Nikolay Komlichenko, and with 73 minutes played in the minority after the removal of Tony Sonic. “Dynamo” has caught up “Spartak” and “Ufa”, but dropped to eighth place.Alexander Ilyin”Lokomotiv”—”wings of the Soviets”1:1Алексей Miranchuk, 90+5 — Radonjić, 14. Removal: Ignatiev, 50 (2 W. K.) — Hadi, 73 (2 W. K.).CSKA—”Spartak” 2:0Влашич, 27, 90+6. Removal: Zobnin (“Spartak”), 77.”Ufa”—”the ruby” 0:0″the Arsenal”—”Ahmat” 1:3Луценко, 90+2 — Harin, 15; Orisi, 22 (foams.), 88″Tambov”—”Zenit” 1:2Чуперка, 88 (pen.) — Azmoun, 43; Rigoni, 90+1″Sochi”—”the Dynamo” 1:1kokorin, 90+2 (pen.) — Komlichenko, 57 (foams.). Removal: (Šunjić (“Dynamo”), 73 (2 W. K.)”Rostov”—”Krasnodar” 1:1Попов, 90+11 (pen.) — Berg, 13Турнирная table