“I have it, as I have it. I’m fine, but it is of course the wrong way. And that is how, that is.”

so says the 79-year-old Lone Dybkjær, which is one of those who in these times are among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, one of them, we must be extra careful on. Kræftpatienterne.

It was back in 2011, the former politician and historian was diagnosed with breast cancer, the commonest cancer in women, affecting one out of 10, but as the vast majority of luckily survives.

Last fall had to Lone Dybkjær, however, to recognise she was not one of them.

‘mortally ill of cancer’, said the headlines.

“I have a lung cancer, which had spread to the lymph. But there have also been metastasis in the liver, which now is removed. And once they begin to spread, it is not a supertegn,” as she once said in a great interview with B. T.

Not only had the cancer spread in her otherwise healthy and international body. Opportunities for treatment were also exhausted.

Thus was the countdown for Lone Dybkjær in time.

“I can’t allow myself to whine,” said the indomitable Lone Dybkjær.

But in spite of that she in these corona-times are much more exposed than the rest of us, have ukueligheden’t escaped her, just as the consideration of other seem to weigh heavier than public itself. She still refuses to whine, even if she the other day had a trip to the hospital.

“It was fortunately not any coronavirus,” rush Lone Dybkjaer to stress and continues:

“I was inside for two days to get emptied water from the lung, and it went really well. Even in those times I felt that there was space and attention to deal with such a one as me.”

“It is clear that there was afspritning, and that, of course, they would not have all sorts of people running.”

“But as one with a permanent illness, I can only be grateful for how well health care works,” says Lone Dybkjær on the concern, as many of us probably have in these times. Namely, that focusing only on the coronavirus in Danish hospitals.

Even she has kræftsyg, of course, also a large focus on the corona-infection.

“Yes, I am more vulnerable than most, but I tackle it, as I need to. With caution and to take care of,” said Lone Dybkjaer, and continues:

“I believe that fresh air improves my health. So I have since gone to walk in the Frederiksberg Gardens, and adhere to the same restrictions as all the others and keep a distance. I do not go around and greet all sorts of people.”

“And I certainly have not heard any doctors say that I must not go for a walk.”

so far she and her husband, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, has been in copenhagen, but they are considering to take to the cottage in north Zealand, where there are slightly fewer people.

“In fact, this is probably the most a very difficult time for the relatives of people in my situation, which has many restrictions. I think it is worst for the people who feel healthy and can’t or don’t do anything.”

“The framework, for example, John, as age also is in a vulnerable group. But fortunately, he is a ‘fit-for-fight’ person,” says Lone Dybkjær with a smile in the voice of his 76-year-old man.

But, of course, has her life changed since the corona-the fear spread in Denmark.

Where she enjoyed playing bridge and going to lectures, is the social life boiled down to a minimum.

The live Lone Dybkjær with. But the worst thing is not to see the two grandchildren, Lukas and Nikoline.

For it was to shield them, as she held his advanced cancer secret for the outside world.

“You have to protect the gold you have. They have been a fantastic gift for us, and they have already seen their beloved aunt died, and their biological grandfather is gone, too. So are you careful to take them into account,” she said in the fall to B. T. about his decision.

“There is nothing to do there. The daughter keeps us in a very tight grip, so I see not what I usually call ‘my little family'” she says about her daughter Mette and the children’s children..

“I miss them. But fortunately there is the phone and Facetime.”

I hope it will be not such, Dybkjaer to celebrate his 80th birthday in may.

But as she dryly admits, only the time can show what is possible. And if she on the whole still healthy enough to be able to celebrate anything.

“No one knows the day, before the night is over, says one,” reads the descriptive from the Lone Dybkjær.

“It is obviously the wrong way. Is how it is. But I will get the best out of.”