Dmitry Kozak, the Deputy head of the presidential administration, called ineffective negotiations for a peaceful settlement in the Donbass. While Kozak was not offering to withdraw from negotiations.

Ukrainian edition published a letter to Kozak, which was allegedly sent to the adviser of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Jan Hecker with copies to the representatives of France and Ukraine. In the document there is criticism working within the framework of the negotiations of the conditions, RBC.

The details of the letter are not given, but the Kozak calls it meaningless and “nothing decisive”.

This leads to the idea to stop the senseless talks of advisors № 4, — the letter says.

Close to the negotiations, the source reported that Kozak had indeed sent a letter with similar content colleagues in the Normandy format.

With full responsibility I assure you that I do not intend to continue to participate in the infinitely continuing the “performance” with a Frank imitation of rough activity on conflict settlement, the statement says.

Experts believe that a speech in the letter goes on “the ineffectiveness of the negotiation process” in the format of pritsvetnikov. However, the letter does not contain any steps of Russia on withdrawal from the negotiations.

On the contrary, the Russian Federation consistently offers a number of concrete measures on increase of efficiency of the negotiation process in order to implement the Minsk agreements and the political settlement of the conflict in the East of Ukraine, — quotes the edition insights a private source.

Earlier NEWS,EN reported that Ukraine needs to confirm or to refute the words of Vice-Premier for reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of Alexei Reznikov on the revision of the Minsk agreements, said the Deputy head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak.